Episode 2 Show Notes

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Q & Devin storming UNRATED Episode 2 with the latest on gaming, sports, and sexy topics:

– Call of Duty WWII (2017)

– Halo 6 (2018?)

– NFL Draft 2017

– NBA Playoffs 2017

Also: which games made us gamers, do video games reduce youth crime, and which game would you keep if you could only keep one.

Background, Intro, & Outro Music by: DeVon Johnson https://twitter.com/DeVonJson

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Episode 1 Show Notes

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Q & Devin dropped into the airwaves, radiowaves, microwaves, and all other waves with episode 1 of UNRATED. Coast to Coast. Sea to Shining Sea.

Episode discussion topics:

– Xbox One Scorpio

– Star Wars Battlefront

– Amazon Streaming NFL

– Peter Moore leaving EA

Music by: DeVon Johnson @DeVonJSon

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